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2016-07-25 05:25:50 Little Red

Hello, everyone!

As you can see, now Hello Little Red has a new design and also a new system, too. I know that I have updated this website too many time, but I think I have finally managed to create a system that makes me comfortable. After I finally learned how to use PHP framework, I create my own CMS instead of just using WordPress as a platform for blogging. By making my own CMS, I can finally update the website easily and it can look updated without me having to create a blog post to seem active (I am a horrible blogger, so I rarely update). I have been working on this for months and have only managed to finish everything this month. And I think I will add more features to the site, but well I am satisfied for now. Of course, because of the changes ,there are a lot of broken links on other sites but I'll try to fix that soon.

So, after the update, the themes and resources page is more completed now. I still need to add website designs I have made before, but I am a mess in managing the files so I still ...

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