Please listen to these perfections…

April 28, 2015 by Comment

And here they are! INFINITE’s new original Japanese songs, released only 4-5 months after their first original Japanese song, Dilemma. The title track is 24 Hours but the MV is not released yet, it will be released on April 29th, aka tomorrow.

Originally, before these were released, I didn’t expect much from these especially since Dilemma is a little underwhelming for me (even if in the end I finally like it despite expecting much more). I didn’t even know how to feel when it was announced that INFINITE will release another Japanese album, after they released their sub-unit, INFINITE F’s debut album and then Dilemma in Japan only November and December last year. But I mostly didn’t even know how to feel because Japanese albums are much more expensive than Korean albums, so if I want to buy them I have to hurt my wallet. (Plus if I buy Japanese albums…I won’t get much.)

But now after the songs are released, I’m actually very satisfied. These songs are good songs and more easily liked than Dilemma, plus they have different sound than INFINITE’s Korean releases. While INFINITE’s Korean songs are heavy in instrumentals, sound busy but cohesive, and have 80’s music sound (which have become INFINITE’s signature sound too, something that makes their music different than other KPop groups’ music), these songs are more calm and different, but not basic. Even though I really like INFINITE’s usual music, this is refreshing and differentiates between their Japanese and Korean releases.

Even though 24 Hours is the title song, I like Just Another Lonely Night much more because the boys’ voices layer each other in that sound so I can hear much more harmony from them. But overall, all of them sound really good and in their range for both songs. Usually, INFINITE songs require the boys to sing in a higher range. And there is no rap in both, Hoya and Dongwoo both sings! In Dilemma, I really dislike the rap parts because they feel out of place (so no, it’s not because the rapper line is bad at rapping). So I’m glad there is no rap in these songs.

Someone said that JALN could be an anime’s closing song, I wonder if it’s true. It’s been such a long time since I watch anime and listen to the OSTs, haha.