By Ilma A. on March 04th 2017 05:33

Sidebars are used often in web design, especially for blogs. Creating sidebars are fairly easy, but it's always good to learn the basics of creating something, especially for those who have only started to learn how to code. So I decide to make some tutorials for layouts and so my blog won't be so empty, haha. So there are several types of sidebars that I use often, a full-fixed sidebar, a floating sidebar, and a sidebar for contents. You can see the demos of those sidebars here.

1. Full-Fixed Sidebar

Examples of Use: Tumblr Base Code 01, Empty

The HTML setup:

 <div id="sidebar">
         <div id="sidebar-content">
             <img src="">
                 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas sed dapibus lacus. Pellentesque nisl mauris, fermentum sed suscipit id, pharetra quis quam. Vestibulum ante dui, pellentesque eu ligula sed, semper convallis sem. Nunc nunc lorem, venenatis vel urna id, imperdiet facilisis tellus. Morbi lacinia vel ipsum id vulputate. Quisque pharetra blandit magna, sed vestibulum nunc efficitur at. Phasellus scelerisque efficitur ex, et imperdiet lectus viverra non.


  • sidebar: is the container of the sidebar, will be styled in CSS as #sidebar (if it's a class, then it will be written as class="sidebar" in HTML and will be styled in CSS as .sidebar)
  • sidebar-content: is the container of the sidebar content. I added this div so I can easily style the content.

Basic HTML used for this sidebar:

  • div: is usually for containers of contents. in HTML5, can be replaced with section
  • img:  for showing images. Basic format: <img src="URL OF IMAGE"> This HTML tag doesn't need...

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By Ilma A. on February 27th 2017 11:05

Lovelyz is back to the kpop scene after a 10 months hiatus with a second full album! After finishing the promotion of Destiny, the group took their time before releasing another album, taking a break after being quite busy in 2015 and the beginning of 2016. It's quite a risky decision to take this a hiatus this long, especially since they haven't really established their name and had only gained momentum from their sleeper hit, Ah Choo (which is still quite strong). It's such a pity that Ah Choo is a late hit, only blooming into popularity after the group finished their promotion. I have always liked the song since the first time it was released, but at the time of the release people were calling it boring, and the song got appreciated very late (You were veeery late, people). But well, it's time to move on from Ah Choo and it's time to embracing their other songs! 

P.S: I'm not good at music and my likings to songs can be random at times, perhaps this will be my first and last music review.


The Title Track

Before the release of the song, I felt curious about how "WoW" is going to be like since it was media played as having similarities to "Ah Choo". I was skeptical about that since I don't want them to think that they need to release a song that is similar to "Ah Choo" to succeed, and I don't want them to try to copy "Ah Choo". Turned out, "WoW" is not copying "Ah Choo", which made a lot of people feels disappointed, but actually made me feel relieved. The song is kind of a combination of Lovelyz' past songs, especially "Ah Choo" and "Destiny",...

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By Ilma A. on January 31st 2017 03:40

January Updates

  • New web design for 2017
  • All Tumblr themes code have been moved to GitHub and links deleted, the pages will be moved soon after I finally finish my exams
  • Fixed some bugs on the website
  • New website: infinitize
  • That's all T_T

2017 Wishes/Plan

Time has always gone so fast and before I know it, now it's already 2017. There are times when I still think that it's still 2013, but in reality, now I am already starting my twenties, already starting to face the real world. Nowadays I start to realize that I have waste a lot of time, realizing that I have failed to use my time to learn more about the things I thought I was passionate about. So now I finally found a resolution for 2017: to learn more about web development. I have learned how to use CodeIgniter and Laravel for 2016, so now I want to learn more about stuffs such as Vue.js, Angular.js, and many more. I also want to learn about webGL, feeling interested to use it for my thesis, if it's possible.

Talking about university, I am currently feeling lost. It's only one year before I have to graduate and I need to rush to repeat the classes that I failed in. At this moment I really regrets taking double degrees because turns out I am really weak in Mathematics, and my grade is Math subjects really dampens my GPA. I am doing just good in the Computer Science subjects, but my grades in Math subjects suck. Well, for now I am trying to have more work experience so at least there is something to cover my low GPA, trying to study more about the things I am actually passionate about.

In one month...

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By Ilma A. on July 25th 2016 06:25

Hello, everyone!

As you can see, now Hello Little Red has a new design and also a new system, too. I know that I have updated this website too many time, but I think I have finally managed to create a system that makes me comfortable. After I finally learned how to use PHP framework, I create my own CMS instead of just using WordPress as a platform for blogging. By making my own CMS, I can finally update the website easily and it can look updated without me having to create a blog post to seem active (I am a horrible blogger, so I rarely update). I have been working on this for months and have only managed to finish everything this month. And I think I will add more features to the site, but well I am satisfied for now. Of course, because of the changes ,there are a lot of broken links on other sites but I'll try to fix that soon.

So, after the update, the themes and resources page is more completed now. I still need to add website designs I have made before, but I am a mess in managing the files so I still need to search for the files. You can ask questions about themes here instead of my tumblr blogs on top of sending me an email.

Commissions are also open again and this is the new prices:

  • tumblr theme (Base Price: USD 8) - base price consists of posts (with pagination) and a sidebar or a header with an image
  • tumblr page (Base Price: USD 3)
  • wordpress theme (Base Price: USD 13)
  • zetaboards/jcink theme (Base Price: USD 8)
  • website design template (front-end only) (Base Price: USD 30)
  • basic website front-end and back-end (Base Price: USD 60)

If anyone read this,...

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By Ilma A. on July 13th 2016 13:55

Not really a shop, more like an online shop. I made a RedBubble account to post some of my designs. If anyone is interested you can access it here. I also made a account here, which is kind of an equivalent of RedBubble but for Indonesians. I am not sure if I will keep updating them or not, because it was a spur in the moment (or precisely, I was only excited for like several days for this) and honestly I'm not skilled in making designs.

In other news, I want to make a 2015 in review post just for fun, but this January, I have been busy with several things. I also want to make more themes but I have no inspirations and time. My finals will start tomorrow and I will have a two-weeks break after that, hopefully I can make use of that time~

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By Ilma A. on July 13th 2016 13:55

Hello~ I finally made a post again. This time it was special because I have finally, for the first time in my life, attended INFINITE’s concert and watched them performing live. This was also my first concert ever, so this was a very special moment for me. Also since it was almost my birthday, I thought of it as a special gift for myself. I am broke now, but at least I was happy.


I arrived at the venue, Tennis Indoor Senayan, at around 7PM. There was already a queue when I arrived, it wasn’t too long yet. The queueing was tidy, I met some other inspirits there, especially those who went there alone just like me. Even though it was hot, but at least it wasn’t raining because I forgot to bring an umbrella. There was no commotion during queueing so I was happy.

The Chaser


I was in the festival area, on the right side. I didn't choose VIP because it was too expensive, but for those who bought VIP tickets (I swear most of them are Koreans/foreigners...) could watch their sound check. They are only allowed to watch 3 songs though: Julia, Love Letter, and Moonlight. They were not allowed to take videos and photos (someone even got her/his phone confiscated) but some managed to do so anyway, even though the security was very strict. I could hear them practicing from the outside, though, and they sounded really good already.


I was in the second row in the standing area and even though I wasn't VIP, I could see the stage clearly because the venue was small and the distance between the stage and the standing area was less than 5 meters. I...

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By Ilma A. on July 13th 2016 13:54

This is a blog prompt from Blog Matter!

This blog post is a blog prompt, inspired to get you blogging. Answer the questions on your own blog and comment with the entry link. Or, you can answer the questions in the comments.
  1. My name is: Ilma
  2. My birthday is: November 19th, 1995
  3. I live in: Indonesia
  4. I am currently studying/working as: studying computer science and applied math, working as a freelancer!
  5. I have been blogging since: on and off since 2008
  6. I blog about: my live
  7. My blog is called [blog title] because: I love fairy tales, and I am posing as the wolf ready to eat little red that's why I say 'hello, little red.'
  8. I love watching: kdramas, but there aren't many good kdramas lately. I am watching I Remember You right now, which is pretty good and remind me of US procedural series. My favorite kdramas are Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Reply 1997. I used to watch series like CSI and NCIS a lot, too.
  9. I love reading: Novels and webtoons. I haven't read novels in a long time, the latest novel I read is In a Bluemoon by Ilana Tan, which I read because I love the author's previous works, but too bad it's not as good as her/his old works. I have just started reading webtoons, since I have the app for it. I used to read mangas a lot, by I lost my interest when I graduated middle school.
  10. I love doing: writing, designing, making graphics, procrastinating.
  11. I love playing: - 
  12. I love listening to: for now KPop only, but then again my playlist is only filled by INFINITE, f(x), and Nell...
  13. I love collecting: Notebooks and albums
  14. Favorite book: The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton is the first book series I've ever read, I will always love the books and...

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By Ilma A. on July 13th 2016 13:54

So, I have finally felt how it feels like to be in college. It's actually my 4th semester now, so I can't believe it's almost two years ago I graduated from high school. I didn't really realize it, how much time have gone. Maybe it's because I don't think my life in high school was memorable, or maybe I am simply ignorant and forgetful. I tried to think of memorable moments in high school, but I can't think of many. I always felt that I don't like high school much, I'm not even sure why. I always think that maybe I will fit university life better...and I guess I do fit university life better?

In high school, I went to school at 6.30AM and went home at 3 or maybe 5. I went to school everyday--something that I didn't really like. It felt burdening and I felt like I didn't have time to breath, the lessons were hard and I just didn't want to try anymore. I don't think I have many close friends, just some classmates that I don't really know about. I was so relieved when I finally graduated, but then I was scared that uni life would be harder.

But now, after I'm going through with uni life for more than a year, I have come to a conclusion that I do like university life better. I have 3 free days on my first and second semester every week and it's relieving because I could do a lot of things other than studying. Now I'm only free on sundays, but at least I don't have to go to uni for more than 8 hours in a day. The lessons are hard, of course. But at least I'm actually interested in them. And I've been getting...

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By Ilma A. on July 13th 2016 13:53

Aired: 6/12 episode

Cast: Yeo Jingoo, AOA's Seolhyun, CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun


300 years ago, humans and vampires finalized a peace treaty, but they still do not get along well with each other. In the present day, Jae-Min (Yeo Jin-Goo) is a popular high school student. He falls in love with transfer student Baek Ma-Ri (AOA's Seolhyun). Baek Ma-Ri though hides her true identity as a vampire.

Review (so far):

The first and second episodes are good, but the pace is messy and too fast. The pace is still bearable in ep 1 and 2 but in ep 3 and 4, I can't help but keep thinking "How do we get from here to there so suddenly." It feels like a lot of plot points are missing and I feel like I have skipped an episode every time I start watching a new episode even though I haven't. I haven't watch the sageuk part yet, but I heard it's not that bad, I'm planning to watch the rest of the series after I finish my final exams.

Other than the pace, I'm still not sure if I like the storyline or not. Watching the first and second episode, I thought that the story will be mostly the same with the webtoon, but after those episodes, it's actually different. Apparently there is three part in the drama, ep 1-4 is modern era, ep 5-8 are sageuk era, and ep 9-12 will go back to the modern era. It's not a bad thing to change things up, but it makes people confused since the transitions feel like they come out of nowhere.

The writers use too much coincidences to get the plot moving and it's frustrating to watch. In the end I only think that they need to put Jaemin...

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