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Hello~ I finally made a post again. This time it was special because I have finally, for the first time in my life, attended INFINITE’s concert and watched them performing live. This was also my first concert ever, so this was a very special moment for me. Also since it was almost my birthday, I thought of it as a special gift for myself. I am broke now, but at least I was happy.


I arrived at the venue, Tennis Indoor Senayan, at around 7PM. There was already a queue when I arrived, it wasn’t too long yet. The queueing was tidy, I met some other inspirits there, especially those who went there alone just like me. Even though it was hot, but at least it wasn’t raining because I forgot to bring an umbrella. There was no commotion during queueing so I was happy.

The Chaser


I was in the festival area, on the right side. I didn't choose VIP because it was too expensive, but for those who bought VIP tickets (I swear most of them are Koreans/foreigners...) could watch their sound check. They are only allowed to watch 3 songs though: Julia, Love Letter, and Moonlight. They were not allowed to take videos and photos (someone even got her/his phone confiscated) but some managed to do so anyway, even though the security was very strict. I could hear them practicing from the outside, though, and they sounded really good already.


I was in the second row in the standing area and even though I wasn't VIP, I could see the stage clearly because the venue was small and the distance between the stage and the standing area was less than 5 meters. I could see almost all members' expressions when someone was not blocking me. The concerts started at 3PM sharp, started with a VCR. Anyway, the VCR are really cool, the story was not clear but I am guessing that it's actually about fallen angels (or angels turning into demons).


They started with BTD, Paradise, and Be Mine. Honestly, during this time, they looked tired and out of it. But as the concert went on, they got more energized and more alive. I noticed Sunggyu had a pained expression during Be Mine, like he was really exhausted. But he still went on and did well. He tried to calm himself and catch his breath during the first talk. Hoya sat down for most of the concert, of course. He apologized for unable to be the 'perfect' boyfriend and promised that he would try to get better (YOU BETTER BE LEE HOWON, REST A LOT). He talked the most in Indonesian, like 90% of his apologize was spoken in Indonesian. Myungsoo stuttered during his introduction because he had a hard time remembering the Indonesian word for 'Boyfriend' (pacar).


I would say that the solos and subunits performances were some of the most exciting performances, I really really liked them. Woohyun's Everyday was very exciting, it was very anime-ish song too. Woohyun sang especially very passionately in this performance (of course). During INFINITE H's performance, Hoya was on the other side so I couldn't see him well, Dongwoo was the one who was near my side. He took off his jacket and showed off his really really really nice arms ;_; he did a dance break during Sorry, I'm Busy, it was a quiet sexy dance and I felt like I almost fainted because of him. During pretty, there was a time when Dongwoo laughed while rapped but I didn't know what he was laughing about.

Infinite F (Sungjong, Myungsoo, Sungyeol) performing Heartbeat


Kontrol was...emotional. Mostly because I loved the song so much so I was immersed in the song and his voice. During INFINITE F Stages, Sungjong came over in front of the audience in my area and I saw him less than a meter away from me. He gave a small teddy bear to the girl in front of me (while I was busy trying not to get squished...) I could hardly concentrate at that time, but he was really cute and his skin was really nice. I think Sungyeol came over to the other side while Myungsoo stayed on the stage. Myungsoo threw really well, his teddy bears and paper planes fly to the back. They all sang really really well and I would hit anyone who would say they didn't sang well.


During the talk after this, they asked each other questions about the performances. Woohyun said that even though we've probably watched Everyday from youtube (lol), he wished that we still enjoyed the performance. He asked us to sing a verse from Everyday but because we didn't know, we yelled 'Everyday' instead and he just laughed and said thanks (I didn't think the translator translated what he said though, so it could be because of that too). They took turns asking each other questions, there was one time where Myungsoo offered Woohyun to talk but he refused. He sang a part of 'Everyday' when he was introducing Woohyun's solo.


The original version of Last Romeo was really nice, I think I liked it better than the released version despite the vague story. Myungsoo got asked about this MV, but instead of answering he said "I really like you" cutely several times. I almost died right here and there.

During Cover Girl, Woohyun did Sungyeol's rap in the beginning with Sungyeol. During Back, it was kind of sad seeing Myungsoo and Woohyun did the dances in the beginning by themselves without Hoya. I think Woohyun was trying to stiffle a laugh when he was bending down, I'm not sure though since he was on the other side and I couldn't see him very clearly. I think they danced the best during Bad, especially Myungsoo, he danced the best here out of all songs (in other songs, even though he tried hard, it still looked kind of...weak? I didn't know how to explain it, lol).


Sungjong was the one who said their 'thank you' and they said goodbye there. Woohyun: "Kalian semua unyu, jadi kalian pacar gue." (You're all cute, so you're my girlfriend). Myungsoo: "Selamat ___ hari ini, sekian, saya pacar kalian semua, L." (This is it, I'm your boyfriend, L). I wanted to yell at them to stop talking like that, lol. Sungjong: "Let's meet in your dream." (in Indonesian, weirdly I remembered the translation instead of his actualy words...). Hoya asked us to be healthy.

Comeback Again


Of course it was not over yet, the inspirits there tried to yell "dashi dorawa" but.......we were not really synchronized with each other, lol. It was a weak chant. It ended with a confetti and now I know why some idols are really fascinated with's really fascinating watching papers fell down from the sky. There were so much papers...some got inside my eyeglasses and my mask on my neck, I even almost accidentally chew on one.


Now, on to the concert itself.


They sang really well, I almost wandered it it was already recorded, lol. But of course they sang live, proven during Dongwoo half-laughing-half-rapping and Woohyun's rap. They're so nice to listen to and Myungsoo didn't sound as nasally as in studio versions. Sungjong and Sungyeol are really stable, too, if anyone were going to question them. The live band was really good too, sometimes I forgot that it was a live band. Since Hoya's out, Dongwoo, Woohyun, and Sungjong danced the best for me. The rest were off on some songs, IMO. I was kinda sad that I'm unable to see Hoya fully dancing, but at least I could watch Dongwoo dancing. They all walked to the right of the stage, so I could see their faces clearly and closely. They didn't perform 24 Hours, JALN, and Dilemma. I wondered if these were only performed in IE Seoul or if they were only omitted in JKT, I haven’t checked out other stops’ set list.

Woohyun (+Sunggyu)


Sunggyu didn't talk much and since he was on another side often, I couldn't really notice him. But he was kind of off in the beginning, though he finally talked and laughed with the members after several songs. Dongwoo did the most talking in the concert and...he really couldn't stay still. He was always moving, I swear, even when they're just talking. He did weird moves or dances. He was the 'greasiest' during this concert, even more than Woohyun. I swear he is always full of energy, from the beginning to the end. While the other members looked tired once or twice, he never did. His dancing was really amazing too, his moves were sharp and neat.


Since my friend asked me for a picture of Woohyun, he ended up being the one I noticed a lot. During The Chaser (I think), he was laughing with Sunggyu and flipped his mic to the air, making Sunggyu laughed. He laughed with Howon too when Howon was sitting and their eyes met. He also impressed Myungsoo when he picked up the water bottle with his foot (aka launching the water bottle in to the air and then catching it), Myungsoo gave him a thumb up but I don't think the other members who see it were as impressed as Myungsoo, lol. He walked to the right side of the stage several times, one of them when he threw paper planes. Once again, it was the girl in front of me who got a paper plane. She was so lucky.

Hoya ('s silhouette)


Howon sat most of the time and since he was near, I could see his expressions during the performances. I could see that he was sad and that he wanted to fully perform too. Made me wanted to cheer him up. But really, for me, he is the member whose photos especially doesn't do justice to him. He was much more handsome in real life. He talked the most in Indonesian, his words are basically triple of Myungsoo's words, haha. Sungyeol was very active in interacting with fans too, there was a time when he came down the stage and reached his hand to fans but ended up almost getting hurt instead. I managed to see him really close, too, like Sungjong. He was pretty skinny, but I don't it was really bad yet. He was just definitely much less muscular than Dongwoo, lol.


Myungsoo didn't talk much too, but when he does, it was really cute. He sounds like a grandpa when he talked in Indonesian, haha. He was just naturally really cute, I think. All of his gestures came off as cute (but maybe I'm biased, haha). He was the member who drink water the most and he kept dropping the water bottle or throwing the water bottle. He touched Woohyun's butt once, haha. He looked really serious when he was not talking or speaking, but when he did finally talked or smiled...*sings 1D's what makes you beautiful*. Sungjong was just really nice, he was cute too. Once, he threw his used tissue to the VIP area. 



They talked a lot in Bahasa and I loved it that they tried hard to interact with fans and not relying only on the translator. Of course, they read the text under the stage to be able to do so. But I really appreciated their effort. And even though they were tired (since this stop was just two days after IE SG), they still gave the best ot Inspirits.


The concert was really amazing. The lightning was really awesome. I think the ones who were sitting could see how amazing the lightning was even better. Everything was perfect, even when queueing. I met some awesome fans. I noticed that the ones that have most fans here are Sunggyu, Myungsoo, Woohyun, and then Hoya, in that order. The ones that made uncomfortable were the fans since I got pretty squished, being squished made it hard to concentrate. I got pushed to the third row several times. I was uncomfortable too when there fans who yelled about the ships, heh. I was sad that when ToHeart's MV was played, some fans grumbled about it. (I missed wookey ;~;). Since the venue is small, everyone could see the boys closely.

I want you back back back back~


Last, thank you for Mecima Pro for bringing them here. I was worried because I heard some things about them, but I think they had given their best for this concert. I have only heard people complaining about the ‘no-camera’ rules, but it was actually a rule for most concerts so I didn’t blame them for being stricts on cameras, and about the ‘no food and drinks’ rules. They managed everything well, from the queuing to the concert itself. I hope they would be able to continue doing well so they could fix their image.


I hope, it won’t be the last time I saw Infinite. Hopefully, someday I will get a chance again. Until today, it still felt like a dream that I really watched them perform.


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