I Made A Shop

Posted on by Ilma

Not really a shop, more like an online shop. I made a RedBubble account to post some of my designs. If anyone is interested you can access it here. I also made a account here, which is kind of an equivalent of RedBubble but for Indonesians. I am not sure if I will keep updating them or not, because it was a spur in the moment (or precisely, I was only excited for like several days for this) and honestly I'm not skilled in making designs.

In other news, I want to make a 2015 in review post just for fun, but this January, I have been busy with several things. I also want to make more themes but I have no inspirations and time. My finals will start tomorrow and I will have a two-weeks break after that, hopefully I can make use of that time~

Category: Freebie