A New Hello Little Red!

Posted on by Ilma

Hello, everyone!

As you can see, now Hello Little Red has a new design and also a new system, too. I know that I have updated this website too many time, but I think I have finally managed to create a system that makes me comfortable. After I finally learned how to use PHP framework, I create my own CMS instead of just using WordPress as a platform for blogging. By making my own CMS, I can finally update the website easily and it can look updated without me having to create a blog post to seem active (I am a horrible blogger, so I rarely update). I have been working on this for months and have only managed to finish everything this month. And I think I will add more features to the site, but well I am satisfied for now. Of course, because of the changes ,there are a lot of broken links on other sites but I'll try to fix that soon.

So, after the update, the themes and resources page is more completed now. I still need to add website designs I have made before, but I am a mess in managing the files so I still need to search for the files. You can ask questions about themes here instead of my tumblr blogs on top of sending me an email.

Commissions are also open again and this is the new prices:

  • tumblr theme (Base Price: USD 8) - base price consists of posts (with pagination) and a sidebar or a header with an image
  • tumblr page (Base Price: USD 3)
  • wordpress theme (Base Price: USD 13)
  • zetaboards/jcink theme (Base Price: USD 8)
  • website design template (front-end only) (Base Price: USD 30)
  • basic website front-end and back-end (Base Price: USD 60)

If anyone read this, I am also asking you to help me going around the site to see if there is any error. If you find something, please a comment! Thank you very much~



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