January 2017

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January Updates

  • New web design for 2017
  • All Tumblr themes code have been moved to GitHub and links deleted, the pages will be moved soon after I finally finish my exams
  • Fixed some bugs on the website
  • New website: infinitize
  • That's all T_T

2017 Wishes/Plan

Time has always gone so fast and before I know it, now it's already 2017. There are times when I still think that it's still 2013, but in reality, now I am already starting my twenties, already starting to face the real world. Nowadays I start to realize that I have waste a lot of time, realizing that I have failed to use my time to learn more about the things I thought I was passionate about. So now I finally found a resolution for 2017: to learn more about web development. I have learned how to use CodeIgniter and Laravel for 2016, so now I want to learn more about stuffs such as Vue.js, Angular.js, and many more. I also want to learn about webGL, feeling interested to use it for my thesis, if it's possible.

Talking about university, I am currently feeling lost. It's only one year before I have to graduate and I need to rush to repeat the classes that I failed in. At this moment I really regrets taking double degrees because turns out I am really weak in Mathematics, and my grade is Math subjects really dampens my GPA. I am doing just good in the Computer Science subjects, but my grades in Math subjects suck. Well, for now I am trying to have more work experience so at least there is something to cover my low GPA, trying to study more about the things I am actually passionate about.

In one month it will be a year since I started to work, and I have learned quite a lot from my experience. Now I can code in and C#, while also understanding how json works. I am still a part-timer right now, but hopefully in March I will officially become a full time Junior Programmer! At least despite my academics dilemma, I am quite assured that this is the field I want to work in, that I have a vision about what I want to do. Considering that there are still a lot of fellow students who aren't quite assured about what they want to do, I am in a better place, even if it's not much.

I still want to write more on the blog even though I keep failing because I have no desire to write T_T But maybe I will post reviews of some Korean dramas I watched, or books. I still can form words to judge a drama/movie/book, but when it comes to music I can only say that I love it or dislike it.


Music: Lasse Lindh - Hush

Cover Photo: Tim Trad on Unsplash