First Half Of 2018 Round Up

Posted on by Ilma

New Projects

Websites Update

  • Deleting the contact page, replacing it with the new chat bot.
  • New Affiliate: Eccentrity

Owner Update

Hi, I haven't been able to update the website a lot. I am currently doing my thesis now while juggling works and classes. As soon as I am free, I think I will make some new themes because I miss it. The topic of my undergraduate thesis is related to machine and deep learning, so it's kinda hard because I am not familiar with it. I wish I have taken something related to web development because it will be so easy for me, but it's nice to learn something new. I might write some articles related to it after I am done writing my thesis, as a way to study and share new knowledge about it.

I am now in the development department for my work, so I think I get busier with new projects. I was in the maintenance department before and it was easier for me as I have more free time. I hope I will be able to finish my thesis ASAP so I only need to focus at work and so I will be able to graduate.