So This Is College Life...

Posted on by Ilma

So, I have finally felt how it feels like to be in college. It's actually my 4th semester now, so I can't believe it's almost two years ago I graduated from high school. I didn't really realize it, how much time have gone. Maybe it's because I don't think my life in high school was memorable, or maybe I am simply ignorant and forgetful. I tried to think of memorable moments in high school, but I can't think of many. I always felt that I don't like high school much, I'm not even sure why. I always think that maybe I will fit university life better...and I guess I do fit university life better?

In high school, I went to school at 6.30AM and went home at 3 or maybe 5. I went to school everyday--something that I didn't really like. It felt burdening and I felt like I didn't have time to breath, the lessons were hard and I just didn't want to try anymore. I don't think I have many close friends, just some classmates that I don't really know about. I was so relieved when I finally graduated, but then I was scared that uni life would be harder.

But now, after I'm going through with uni life for more than a year, I have come to a conclusion that I do like university life better. I have 3 free days on my first and second semester every week and it's relieving because I could do a lot of things other than studying. Now I'm only free on sundays, but at least I don't have to go to uni for more than 8 hours in a day. The lessons are hard, of course. But at least I'm actually interested in them. And I've been getting more assignments lately, but it's still tolerable. The only time I'm very tired is when I have assignments from organizations too, but I'm still managing them all. I finally meet friends who I enjoy talking to, and I'm learning to improve my communication ability easily here.

Maybe because I go to a private university instead of a local university, everything is easier. But I still don't think hs students should be afraid of university, as long as you choose the majors you're interested in, you will be fine. If you're someone like me, who can't deal with packed schedules like in high school, you will be happy.

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