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  1. My name is: Ilma
  2. My birthday is: November 19th, 1995
  3. I live in: Indonesia
  4. I am currently studying/working as: studying computer science and applied math, working as a freelancer!
  5. I have been blogging since: on and off since 2008
  6. I blog about: my live
  7. My blog is called [blog title] because: I love fairy tales, and I am posing as the wolf ready to eat little red that's why I say 'hello, little red.'
  8. I love watching: kdramas, but there aren't many good kdramas lately. I am watching I Remember You right now, which is pretty good and remind me of US procedural series. My favorite kdramas are Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Reply 1997. I used to watch series like CSI and NCIS a lot, too.
  9. I love reading: Novels and webtoons. I haven't read novels in a long time, the latest novel I read is In a Bluemoon by Ilana Tan, which I read because I love the author's previous works, but too bad it's not as good as her/his old works. I have just started reading webtoons, since I have the app for it. I used to read mangas a lot, by I lost my interest when I graduated middle school.
  10. I love doing: writing, designing, making graphics, procrastinating.
  11. I love playing: - 
  12. I love listening to: for now KPop only, but then again my playlist is only filled by INFINITE, f(x), and Nell...
  13. I love collecting: Notebooks and albums
  14. Favorite book: The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton is the first book series I've ever read, I will always love the books and it's also my favorite series by Enid Blyton. Another series I'll always remember is The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, because Rick Riordan wrote it awesomely and I really love mythologies too, so I really love it.
  15. Favorite movie: I rarely watch movies, so...
  16. Favorite song: Too many lol
  17. Favorite TV show: Since I have answered about the kdramas I love, maybe I can mention some Korean Variety Shows here. I love watching Running Man and Happy Together weekly. I love Crime Scene and The Genius too, since they made me think a lot, lol. These are really interesting shows. In Crime Scene, the members have to solve a crime while in The Genius, it's really a battle of geniuses and people with wits. Even if you're not interested in Korean stuffs, you should watch these since these two variety shows are really awesome.
  18. Favorite game: -
  19. My pets: I used to have two hamsters, I named them hamtaro and hamtari. I used to have a lot of birds, too, but my family gave them away.
  20. My tattoos: -
  21. My piercings: -
  22. If I was a fruit I would be a: Pineapple?
  23. If I was a season I would be: The Dry Season because I have a dry sense of humor.
  24. If I was a tree I would be a:
  25. If I was a stone/gem/mineral I would be:
  26. If I was a planet I would be: Saturn, but I don't know why
  27. If I was a superhero/supervision I would be: Wonder Woman
  28. If I was a color I would be: Dark Blue
  29. If I was an animal I would be: Sloth because I like hugging and I am lazy
  30. If I was a word I would be: Zzzzz
  31. If I was a number I would be: 8
  32. As a child I wanted to be a: pilot, so I can wonder around the world
  33. Something I like about myself: I am independent and doesn't depend on other people a lot. I can adapt easily if I have to be alone, so I don't have any trouble when I have to live alone. I don't like to trouble others with my own troubles.
  34. I am proud of the fact that I: can easily learn things if I want to.
  35. My invention for the future would be: I want to help poor people!
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